Telstar  was  released  on August  17th  1962  with  Jungle  Fever  as  the  B:side-  It was a  phenomenal  success  making  it  to  No.1  in the   UK  knocking  Elvis  Presley's  "She's  Not  You "  from  No.1.It  went  onto  become  No.1  In The  United  States  just after  Christmas or  just  before  christmas  1962--    for  6  weeks.Unfortunately  the  Tornados  never  went  to  the  USA  shame-

Telstar was  reportedly  NO.1  in 17  Countries  Worldwide  and  still sells  today-supposedly  clocking  over  17 million  sales  to date-The  Tornados  were the  first  UK  Band  to go To No.1  in The  States  14  months  before  The  Beatles-There have  been over  500 cover  versions of  Telstar  worldwide--Even  The  Shadows  have  recorded  a version-  There was also a  vocal version also  produced  by  Joe Meek  titled  "  Magic  Star"  by Kenny Hollywood on Decca  Records  it  did not  sell well although a  good record----research  just  in  backs up  my  theories  about  worldwide  hits:

 December   1962   late  app 21st  Telstar  was  NO.1  In Belgium-  and  South  Africa..  Australia  NO.12  and  Eire  NO.10  all at the  time  stated  above.The  EP  with  Telstar on is NO.3  In  France-  bear in mind  that is the  French Decca  release  Not  the  U.K. and  NO.6  In  Germany  Telstar  also went  To  NO.1  In Canada