My Name Is Tom Hammond . I have been interested in The Tornados since the Age of 15. When I first heard "Love & Fury" I could not believe that such a sound could exist in this World..What was to follow was even more fantastic!!! Telstar,Theme From A Summer Place, Ridin The Wind.It just never ended.I did not realise that all this music was the Brainwave of a Mad Professor of Music locked away in an Ivory Tower. Joe Meek.. I went and saw the Tornados perform live on quite a few occasions, and was particularly impressed with their Drummer. Who I later found out to be "Clem Cattini" .I was playing the Drums myself at the time and watched everything Clem did, and modelled myself upon him.He has always been my Pop Idol.and still is. In 1989 I went to see the Tornados (Clems new Band) at Yeovil in Somerset. I remembered how I had watched Clem as youngster.I felt determined to get to know the Band, and was lucky enough to meet their Manager at the time Graham Cole, and it all started from there. I started to Tour with the Lads. On The Telstar tour. I Then became friends with Clem and his Family.Clem is not only a First Class Drummer. He is a First Class Human being as well.He has helped me as a Human, and I am indebted to him.Also to his Family. All the other Guys in the Band are great Musicians. Not forgetting Lyn The great female Vocalist. Davy Graham , Bip Wetherell and Dave Harvey the Master. Who has now sadly left the Group.Come back Dave please I collect records from all over the World, and I am always looking for different pressing from all over the World.I look for Photos of the Band from the 1960's and now. Acetates, programs anything. So if you can help please contact me.I am here also to help you.If you want to know anything about the Tornados please email me. I will reply.If you want to know where to get their Records, CD's etc I will help... Please email me at the above address and I will reply to all enquiries








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