The Tornados recorded 52 Tracks in all

01:Clem Cattini...44 Drums1962-65

02 Alan Caddy...39 Lead1962-64

03 George Bellamy...35 Rhythm1962-63

04 Roger Lavern...33 Keyboards1962-63

05 Heinz Burt...27 Bass1962-63

06 Bryan Irwin...13 Rhythm1963-65

07 Ray Randall...13 Bass1963-65

OS Jimmy O'Brien...9 Keyboards1963-65

09 Brian Gregg...S Bass1963

10 Dave watts...S Keyboards1965-66

ll:Stuart Taylor...6 Lead1964-65

12;Pete Adams...4 Drums1965

13:Dave Cameron•••4 Lead1965

14:John Davis...4 Drums1966

15:Robbie Gale...4 Rhythm1966

16:Pete Holder...4 Lead1966

17:Roger Holder...4 Bass1966

lS:Norman Hale...2 Keyboards1962

19:Roger Warwick...2 Tenor Sax1966

20: Tex  Cameron--Lead  Guitar--at  least 1  track  maybe  more


the above  are  the  main members who played  with  the Tornados

and  recorded  with them--there  are  many other  persons that

played  live  at times  with The  Tornados Brian Goody-Tab,  Martin.,Chas  Hodges

Ritchie  Blackmore..Mitch  Mitchell-Tex  Cameron--Tony  Marsh  Keyboards..

Many  more  deputised 1  is  Chris  Lethbridge.After  interviewing  " Brian Goody"  he informs  me he never played with the  Tornados..

I recently  received an email from "Robb Huxley"  ex Tornado He informs  me a  "Pete Hollis"  played bass  witht The Tornados  gigging  no recording a  "Mick Strachan" Drums and a Sonia Diamond  who must of been on vocals and I assume  one  half  of the Diamond  Twins.. so the actual final line up of the Tornados was

Dave Watts- Robb (Gayle) Huxley-Chris Lethbridge Mick Strachan  and  Sonia Diamond..Many thanks  to  Robb for the information

if  you know of more  please  inform me....