Guitarist  and  Great  Human Being: Sadly  no Longer with us. However  Bryan did leave  some great  Music with The TORNADOS

and  as a solo performer recording his own CD  "Easy Does It"  In His own  Home Studio  real  "Joe Meek"  like. Bryan was Born and lived in North London.  He became interested in the Guitar  and took it up , becoming  a competent rhythm Guitarist  playing in local Bands.

Odd he never met Ray Randall as Ray was from North London. Anyway  Bryan eventually met Joe Meek and did  a lot  of session work for Joe.  Playing on sessions,  which  ones we have no clue. He also   recorded his own compositions  as demos  for Joe. These must be in the Tea Chest Tapes. Love To Hear Them.

I finally  got too know Bryan in 1993.The crazy thing is  I never met him  .Talked on the Phone for Hours  wrote letters. But that was it. I caught a glimpse  of him once at A Joe Meek Gig In Newent.  By That time we were not talking due  to Ray Randalls  Influence a very Sad  and regretful situation .As I had  reintroduced Ray & Bryan after nearly 30 Years. Don't get me wrong  Ray Randall is a great Bloke but lives a totally different  life style to me  it was difficult but bloody regretful.

One of the things that Bryan told me was how well  he knew  Joe Meek and  What he thought of Joe .A Genius. He also said very interestingly that when he recorded "Hot Pot" with The Tornados Joe played it back  to him in the control room and  he was flabbergasted at the quality and sound Joe Had achieved, However when he heard the Record  on vinyl  he could not believe it.Bryan said  he did not think it was the same record. Baffling he called it.

Bryan  later on in  life  Married  to a  Girl Called Jenny  and Lived In Royston  Cambs  .He played  Guitar in Pubs  and Clubs  .Playing Standards. and as I said above made his own Cassette  which  I have now put  onto CD.  TRACKS:  are

This  Masquerade (own composition) Cavatina, The Girl  From Ipanema, All The Way, Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue, My One And Only Love, Yesterday, Drive, True  Love Ways, Theme From A Summer Place, Imagine .A  very competent  and  well recorded CD

Called  "Easy Does It"  as  Lee Mitchell which  was  his stage name.

Bryan also recorded  His Tornado Tune "Blue Blue Beat" as "Gemini Uprising"  again  and made it longer.He also recorded  atune of his own called "Confusion".One of the Biggest  recordings  he made was after he had met Ray Randall again  he  record  a tune called 304  a tribute to Joe Meek with Ray Randall and Stuart Taylor  a 3 track CD with 2 Ray Randall compositions on as well. See Ray Randall Site  for details..

Bryan is missed  and  loved deeply by me  and his many Fans  cheers Bryan  for all the pleasure you gave us a s A Tornado and are still doing so today cheers Tom. If  you want to hear  any of Bryans  tracks  contact me. I must emphasis  none of Bryans  Music  is for sale: 

Listen  To  CONFUSION  Bryans  Home  recording  of  his  Own  Composition  ( remember  this is only a  demo   Confusion- Bryan Irwin