The Tornados at Joe Meek's behest auditioned for the BBC .Initially they were booked in at the Maida Vale Studios No.4 for Monday 10th September at 3:15pm 1962.Joe then wrote another letter asking to go in the afternoon as The Tornados had to travel to appear in Great Yarmouth.

The audition was rebooked for Sept 28th 1962 at 2:30PM.What they played or if the recording still exists I am still researching. Anyway they duly passed. The Tornados had to nominate a Leader and Alan Caddy was shoved forward. To go with their sound audition Alan had to fill in a form about the group.Alan had just crossed out Norman Hale's Name and put in Roger Jackson(Laverne)In the section "What Experience?" Alan has wrote been on tour with Billy Fury.From this I will deduce that Norman Hale did indeed tour with The Tornados certainly with Billy Fury for some time. He also gave one nighters on the 3,4,5th of April Southall,Worthing,Dover.Under type of Music Alan has written Country & Western (UGH) R&B Blues,and Powerful arrangements of Standard Tunes.Obviously they had still not realised the potential of Telstar at this stage. All Bookings with the BBC were contracted to  The George Cooper Organisation and had no more to do with Joe Meek.All Programs were for the Light Program.



18th December 1962 recorded at Paris studio.Broadcast went out between 5-5:30PM on a Programme called  "THE TALENT SPOT" Producer Brian Willey. They rehearsed for this Broadcast on 11th  at 4pm Line-up was Alan Caddy, Clemente Cattini, George Bellamy,Heinz Burt, Roger Jackson...Names as on contracts.. They were paid £137 fee which included payments for Broadcasting, Mechanical Reproduction overseas ,subsequent Reproductions, BBC Transcription Service, British Commonwealth,& South Africa, ,USA, Rest Of The World these were all broken down into individual payments contact me for more details if needed. Tracks Played. The Magnificent 7,Dreamin' On A Cloud,, Telstar,Go Man Go..

1st January 1963 Paris Studio  "POP INN" Interview only. Tracks Played. Telstar, Theme From A Summer Place Globetrotter, Parade Of The Pops.

4th January 1963: The Playhouse Studio for Program "GO MAN GO" Producer Terry Henebury.

9th January 1963 The Playhouse Studio  "PARADE OF THE POPS" broadcast between 12-30 and 1:30pm Producer John Kingdon

February 19th 1963:  Recorded on 12th February "TALENT SPOT" Producer Brian Willey. Broadcast between 5-5:30 PM. Paris Studio. Tracks Played were "Ridin' The Wind and Globetrotter (Thanks to Rob Bradford for Info)

9th March 1963::Paris Studio. Recorded 11th Feb 1963."SATURDAY CLUB" Producer "Jimmy Grant" Tracks Played Mainly Backed Billy Fury. on Stick's & Stones/Tell Me/Keep Away//Like You've Never Been Gone//.Movin' On//Tracks by Tornados: Ridin' The Wind/ Telstar...Chattanooga Choo Choo. Classic  Line-Up

10th July  1963: "Yes  it's  Great  Yarmouth" studio Wellington  Pier  Great  Yarmouth- 10.30am 1.30pm program runs -Classic  Line  Up  except  Brian  Gregg on Bass though all the  contracts  refer  to him  as  Clegg  not  Gregg

17th July 1963:Studio Wellington Pier Pavilion Great Yarmouth .Broadcast  said Date Live on Program "YES, IT'S GREAT YARMOUTH" Producer John Simmond 's" Line -up had changed Heinz had departed and in Came Brian Gregg for this performance .Broadcast between 7:30 -8:30PM Tornados are Alan Caddy-Clem Cattini-George  Bellamy-Roger  Jackson (Laverne)  Brian Gregg

16th March 1964:Ideal Home  Exhibition at Olympia. Interview and Live chat. Same line-up still as above Broadcast between 5-5:30pm Producer Derek ChinneryTornados are Alan Caddy-Clem Cattini-george Bellamy-Roger  Jackson(Laverne) &  Brian Gregg

2nd July 1964 -Blackpool  Night-Studio Jubilee Theatre Sheppard Street  Blackpool--Classic  Line-Up  with Brian  Gregg  and  Laverne  referred to  as  Jackson

12th July 1964: Jubilee Theatre. Sheppard Street Blackpool Studio .Live "Blackpool Night"Live show between 6-7:30pm cancelled.

26th July 1964 Rearranged show from above date. Note line-up is now Clem Cattini,Stuart Taylor, Brian  Irwin,Ray  Randall,and Jimmy O'Brien and has been since May 4th 1964

27th October  1964-Saturday Club   inc  Rehearsal  At  The  Playhouse-line-Up-Clem Cattini-Stuart Taylor-Brian Irwin  (should be Bryan) Ray  Randall Jimmy O'Brien absolutely  essential information this  confirms  Heinz-Laverne  Bellamy  and  Caddy  had  all departed  before  this  Date-No idea  of  what  songs  they  played but where  are  the  tapes of this  show

31st October 1964:Date  Of  Broadcast-The Playhouse Studio .Recorded on 27th Oct 1964 "SATURDAY CLUB" Producer  Brian Willey .Broadcast 10-12 session shared with another Band ?Tornados  are Clem Cattini-Stuart  Taylor-  Bryan Irwin- Jimmy O'Brien

21st November 1964:Date  Broadcasted- recorded 19th Nov 1964 "SATURDAY CLUB" Studio Star Club Hamburg Live ste Broadcast on Saturday Club direct from Star Club .It states on this contact "Mr.R.G Meek is authorised to sign contracts"Tornados  are: Clem  Cattini-Stuart Taylor-Bryan  Irwin-Ray  Randall &  Jimmy O'Brien

6th August 1966: Studio Jubilee Theatre Blackpool recorded on 4th Aug 1966 for "SATURDAY CLUB" 10-12 Producer Brian Willey .Note line-up has totally changed .Now David Watts  ,John  Davis, Robert Huxley, Peter & Roger Holder Broadcast with Marty Wilde .states about Mr Meek again

6th August-1966-Saturday  Club  with  Marty  Wilde- Jubilee Theatre  Blackpool--Line  -Up--David  Watts-John Davis-Robert  Huxley-Peter  Holder  Roger  Holder no idea  of  material  played  where are  the  tapes  of this  session

5th October 1967:Radio 1&2 Studio Aeolian 2 Dates Of Broadcasts14th16th,17th,18th,19th & 20th October 67 for program "SWINGALONG" Producer Derek Mills" Line-ep extremely interesting look: David Watts,John Davis,Robert Huxley,and a Chris Loughbridge they are still referred to as the Tornados and still contracted through George Cooper

27th Recorded January 1968: Broadcast to be on 3rd Feb,5th Feb,6th Feb,7th Feb,8th Feb,9th Feb 1968 Studio Piccadilly 1 Radio 1&2  program "AFTERNOON POP SHOW" Producer Derek Mills same line-wp as 5th above contract states to Back Billy Fury.The Tornados in the contract were referred to as (A.214767)Marty Wilde appeared on show Tornados backing himTornado Group members  stated  as  David  Watts-John Davis-Robert  Huxley-- Chris  Loughbridge

16th February 1972:Radio 1 Maida Vale No 5 studio. 7:30-11pm.Johnny Walker show MD session with Billy Fury Alan Caddy is the name on the contract it does not state names of band members.Producer Roger Pusey.fee £17   Agent Hal Carter. I must presume this was The Fureys Tornados nothing to do with the originals.


I do not know as of yet what Music was played on these shows I am researching at the moment.