Telstar released in 1962 August  to be precise.and finally bursting in at No.1 in October and staying there for  5 weeks. A phenomenal record in the History of pop.The Tornados  should of launched from this  single into  one massive Group.      
However it was not to be cripes tune but not the production.Much has been written about Telstars    
why not   well that is another story Production The truth is  no one knows and  never will just enjoy    
Telstar sold in excess or 10 million The Tornados were the first UK    
worldwide and spawned over 500 Group to reach No 1 in the USA    
Cover versions.You can cover the 14 months before the Beatles were hyped in.Telstar was recorded by the 17th of August 1962 as you will see from this acetate:LOOK