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The Tornados were formed by Joe Meek in 1961. Primarily as session Musicians.In fact at the start they were not the Tornados.Just Musicians. Joe Needed to play on his recording's.. However The Nucleus of This group of Musicians at the time were. Clem Cattini (Drums),Alan Caddy(Lead Guitar),Heinz Burt(Bass Guitar) George Bellamy (Rythym Guitar)..These four did session work for many months before recording in their own right.The group is also rumoured to have been formed around Heinz,whom people who know better than me,tell us Joe had a likening for.No More on that subject.. This may be true but no one except the people concerned know the truth so lets stick to the facts Musically..These four guys recorded for Joe .One of the best tracks they did was with a Singer called "Tony Victor" who recorded a track called "Dear One" The Tornados play some cracking music behind Tony's vocals.A Great Piano solo from future member Roger Laverne.The B; Side "There Was A Time" has the distinctive Alan Caddy sound on Guitar. They backed many more of Joe's artist's.Michael Cox,John Leyton,Kenny Hollywood,Gunilla Thorn,Ray Dexter.etc etc.At this time they also were part od the Charles Blackwell Orchestra that toured on Live shows Backing.John Leyton.Billy Davies,They were augmented by Pete Newman Saxophone and Pete Cotton Saxophone.


After the initial introduction to Joes world of recording.The Tornados recorded their first Track."Swinging Beefeater" this was just the four of them. No Keyboards.They were dubbed on later by Joe. Around this time, as well they had become Billy Fury's backing band. They were now constantly touring.It was in respect of Billy they recorded their first single the Ethereal "Love & Fury". A great track that derserved better.On this the Keyboards were played by a guy called Norman Hale. He had been recommended to Joe by Heinz from his own Group The Falcons.This was the only track Norman played on for Joe.He had a bust up and disappeared.The B: side Popeye Twist is Guitars only. Love & Fury had bombed so a new Track was needed. Joe found a little tune called Telstar. I am sure you have heard of it.It shot the Tornados to worldwide fame and became Joe's nemesis. By this Time a Mr Roger Jackson had joined the team on Keyboards.We now had the classic line-Up of The Tornados. The line-up that recorded 44 of the 55 tracks they eventually released, and quite a few of the unreleased...See Discography for tracks. We then had Globetrotter,Robot,DragonflyThe Ice Cream Man,Hot Pot,Monte Carlo,Exodus.However by Exodus The Tornados had Four more members. The first to leave was Heinz to pursue a solo career, he hit big with "Just Like Eddie". Then George Bellamy due to ill health ,the strain of touring.Followed by Roger Laverne,who released his own single "Christmas Stocking" with his Group The Microns.Alan Caddy finally decided he had enough.Clem Soldiered on for a while. Replacements were first for Heinz, Brian Gregg who was quickly sacked for drinking.Ray Randall then stepped up.Bryan Irwin came in for George Bellamy and Stuart Taylor for Alan Caddy.Finally Jimmy ),Brien for Roger Laverne. You have to remember that as far a Joe Meek was concerned this was not a problem. The Tornados were his sound anyway. Who played on the tracks was irrelevant,The finished sound was Joe Meeks sound.He rather played Musicians like an instrument. After Exodus The Tornados changed record Labels and Clem Cattini did his final record with them Granada.He was replaced by Peter Adams from The Klan.On the next record Early Bird all the original Tornados had gone.The Lineup was now Tex Cameron(Ex Fleerekkers)Lead Guitar,Bryan Irwin Rythym Guitar,Ray Randall Bass (who did the vocal B; side of Granada (Ragunboneman)Jimmy O,Brien Organ, Pete Adams Drums.At this stage it is rumoured Ritchie Blackmore played Guitar or a Guy called Jim Cregan.This is not impossible.However I have spoken at length to ex members and they do not confirm these rumours.I have spoken to Ritchie Blackmore and he does not recall it.Incidentally Early Bird was unique in the fact it had no Tornados trademark Keyboard on it.In its place it had Saxophone. A guy called Roger Warwick had come in.Jimmy O,Brien had had Stuart Taylor.Roger Warwick had gone by the time Stingray was recorded, and Dave Watts had come in on Keyboards.Tex Cameron was still on Lead and Ray Randall Bass ,Bryan Irwin Rythm.Peter Adams on Drums. The last two records however Pop Art Goes Mozart & Is That A Ship I Hear, were actually a group called The Saxons.who had recorded their own Instrumental with Joe called "Saxon Warcry" The personel was Roger Holder Bass Guitar,Peter Holder Lead Guitar,Robbie Gale Rythym and Vocals and John Davis Drums.Dave Watts joined them on Guitar. This group continued gigging until 1968 then called it a Day


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