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You won't remember me - I am Roger, the Nashville Teens roadie, and I was side stage when Lyn did her appearances at Brighton in 1999 and at her benefit gig at the Beck Theatre. I've only tonight found your web-site and only just learned that Lyn is no longer with us. I couldn't find a date on the website, so I have no idea how long ago she passed away.

She was a great entertainer, and watching her perform despite her illness was a great example to us all. On behalf of Ray Phillips and all the other lads in the Teens, please accept our condolences.



So you were influenced by producers like Meek and Phil Spector? - Well, I always liked "Telstar", and I once read Meek's biography. He was an interesting character, I've always liked oddballs. I've never felt that I fitted in, particularly in the music

Brian Ferry visit this site for chart information on Tornados and Other Group's


Article On Billy Fury  & The Tornados


Three tracks accompanied by the Tornados were also recorded at the session. These tracks were the familiar I Can't Help Loving You, Candy Kisses (DR 30383) and the truly beautiful ballad I'm Hurting All Over (DR 30384). Candy Kisses was eventually released in February 1977 on The Billy Fury Story (Decca DPA 3033/34). This deleted album is now collectable in its own right, especially the white label test pressings and the Belgian double album release with Tommy Steele (Decca DA 207/208).

I Can't Help Loving You is not an especial favourite of many fans, being perhaps overlong and a little slow. It saw its digital release on the Once Upon A Dream CD.

The original Billy Fury And The Tornados EP which featured the track is, as with all of Billy's EPs, much sought-after. I'm Hurting All Over on the Once Upon A Dream CD is a real gem. It features Billy at his plaintive best, and for part of the song he hums along in Elvis style. It was originally planned for issue on They Called It Rock 'N' Roll but was replaced by I Got Someone.


April 30 1963 saw the recording of the live LP We Want Billy. This was mixed in both mono and stereo, and the stereo original is very much a collector's item, despite the later Decca re-issue. This LP saw a release on the London label in the USA and in the Philippines and on the PAX label in Israel. The New Zealand Decca release featured blue instead of the usual dark background on the classic front cover. Presumably other foreign issues also exist.

At the same time, the Tornados also apparently recorded a version of Telstar, their chart-topping instrumental hit of the previous year. Clem Cattini, drummer and leader of the group, could not recall the session.

An article in Record Collector several years ago mentioned the discovery of the rehearsal tapes for the live LP, but to date no other information has been forthcoming. Certainly the prospect of alternative takes, and perhaps more live tracks, is an exciting one. Rumour has it that a London milkman has them in his garage.

The album saw a general stereo release with its re-issue in 1983. Collectable today is the test pressing, a white label with the figure 1 on one side and 2 on the other. Tracks are the same as on the general release.





Thanks for writing.
I'm looking for a Tornados group member called Rob Huxley, maybe he was not a member in the original line up.
I don't know if the Tornados went to number 1 place in the Israeli charts but the group that this fellow - Huxley was a part of - The Churchills, got there with their first 7" - "Too much in love to hear".
I have no idea how the Tornados track sounds like but the title is almost the same.
So this is it. If you can verify Huxley in the Tornados line up - I'll be glad.
Take care & all the best, Omer .


Dear Tom
Thanks for writing and solving this question for me.
Was he in the line up of "Telstar"?
The Churchills 45 you are asking for is very rare and hard to find. The Churchills were the leading Israeli beat music group of the 60's and "Too much inlove to hear" was their first single released on the local CBS label. It was also their only 7" on CBS moving later on to Hed Arzi. It was released in a tiny quantity, I'll say thar 1000 copies at the most just because it was a hit (the Israeli music market was tiny at that time). Most of the copies I saw from this one were in bad shape and you should expect to pay a very high price for a copy if it turns up.
The point with this single is that it wasn't reissued on vinyl and I think that it's was released a few years ago on collection CD (not a Churchills collection).
I can try and check if this is available and the price.
For your general information, he recorded with the Churchills here in Israel and later on when they moved to England to record as Jericho and Jericho Jones.
He also recorded here in Israel with other singers/groups. He played with Arik Einstein, one of the leading Israeli singers of all times (the man is a living legend) and with other Israeli singers such as Oshik Levi and Pupik Arnon (that was while he was still with the Churchills). One of his biggest projects was a children songs LP with Arik Einstein, an LP which is deleted for a long time and which is in a big demand by many collectors.
So this is it, if you are interested in getting some of his Israeli discography please let me know, most of this albums are available on CD (though CD's in Israel are not cheap). Some can still be found on second hand LP's.
Thanks for the information you gave me too.
Do you have any idea why he changed his name to Huxley when he came to Israel?
All the best, Omer .



I will be writing an article on the "Churchills" soon who had the hits in Israel with "Too Much In Love Too Hear" Not the Tornados. Robb Huxley formed the Churchills.There is a CD out now   Tom Hammond article on Clem sessionwork

Robin was a fan of Roy Orbison and The Tornados (Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees) Shel Talmy Talking about Clem

Below is Clem Recording Info with Rolling Stones

Heart Of Stone 3'49 Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman not present; guitar by John McLaughlin; bass by Jimmy Page; drums by Clem Cattini METAMORPHOSIS, Decca SKL 5212 (UK), June 6, 1975 / Abkco ANA 1 (US), June, 1975 METAMORPHOSIS, Decca SKL 5212 (UK), June 6, 1975 / Abkco ANA 1 (US), June, 1975 METAMORPHOSIS PLUS (BT CD)

Mag Article

In early September Luther goes into the studio to start his third solo CD, tentatively titled If You Dare. Musicians on the tracks will be Simon Cooper (drums - Lazy Dollies), Max Middleton (piano - Jeff Beck, Mick Taylor), Huw Lloyd-Langton (guitar - Widowmaker, Hawkwind) and Phil Andrews (Hammond B3 organ - Robert Plant). Guest musicians will include a vocal duet with Ian Hunter (you know who he his!) and Clem Cattini (drums - Tornados). The album will be produced by Mick Dolan, who was also the producer on Floodgates. The CD will be out in early 2001, with a special track available for download on the Internet.


Alan Price - A Rock 'n' Roll Night At The Royal Court Theatre  (Further LP Clem Has Played On)
Label: Demon/Westside Cat No: EDCD680 Format: CD
(Another Clem performance)


A two-album CD containing two albums from the Seventies: Love - A Kind of Hate Story (1970), and Tim Rose (1974). It includes work by musicians such as Herbie Flowers, Clem Cattini, Alan Hawkshaw, Gary Wright and producer Shel Talmy. 'Powerful, emotional, very accessible and timeless'.


Letter From ex Tornado  1978 Fureys Tornados

Dear Tornadotom

I came across your site through Combo Organ! (I'm trying to trace my 70s
keyboard equipment).

I often tell people that I was once in the Tornados (which I was --- I
think) ... and I usually relay the story about there being at least two
Tornado groups. The funny thing being that when I played in one, the other
group were actually gigging in the same town at the same time! (It was
Accrington in 1975).

You may help clear this one up for me. Billy Fury (I was the keyboard player
in his backing band of 1975) said that he owned the rights to the name and
that the other band (which he mentioned were an offshoot of the Heinz
element) had no right to call themselves the Tornados.

Anyway, I was 22 at the time, and the others in the band (from Southend)
were even younger! We had a great time. And I had to play Telstar on my
Hammond (I always loved that tune; and the production) as well as most of
Billy's hits. I went on to be the keyboard player and composer with England
(progressive rock). I'm still playing now... but I made a living from
teaching jazz piano in London.

With very best wishes, and I have great admiration for 60s musicians.

Robert Webb

PS Tony Arnold recently re-mastered some 70s tapes for me. He of course, has
a lot of tales about Joe Meek, and also claims to be responsible for the
wrong chords in the guitar part of 'House of the Rising Sun'. (Apparently
his band played this 'unknown' number in a London Club when the Animals
turned up in the audience ... and he reckons, pinched it!)


another LP Clem Played On

Another Star Ascending (The Boxer)

Ralph McTell - acoustic guitar, vocals
Hank De Vito - steel guitar
(unknown) - bass
Clem Cattini - drums
Kokomo - backing vocals
Jim Parker - piano, string arrangement

(Produced by Shel Talmy,
Engineered by Hugh Jones and Keith Bessey at IBC Studios March 1976


Here's an interesting one an LP by Duke Ellington has a Version of "Telstar" anyone know anything on this

Right Duke Ellington LP with Telstar.  Next to it band doing a rip roaring version. Well worth  a listen

visit the above link to see how many CDs there are available with versions of Telstar on unbelievable.When you get there put in Telstar in search box and wow!!!!!!


Hello Tom,
Thanks for your message. Yes - I knew both Clem and Joe but as far as I can remember Clem didn't play on any of my recordings nor did I record for Joe - though after almost forty years I could be mistaken. Sorry if that's disappointing.
Crispian  St Peters

JOE MEEK...Again, not a surfer, but he is permanently ingrained in my gestalt as a result of his Telstar... My best friend bought a copy, and we played it until it disintegrated . My buddy Mike was amazed that the record lasted three minutes and fourteen seconds. I was amazed that a truly bizarre cosmic consciousness other than mine existed. Opened my eyes and stunned my ears at the pivotal age of 13. Joe Meek is legendary as the first independent record producer in England. As such, he, not the Beatles, led the British Invasion of America. Telstar hit number one in America in 1962, well over a year before the Beatles. Also, it should be noted, Joe Meek was obsessed with the occult, Buddy Holly, his homosexuality, electronics and his continuing lawsuit over the rights to Telstar. On the tenth anniversary of Buddy Holly's death, while wasted on pills, he shot his landlady and then himself to death with his lover's hunting rifle. They don't make role models like that any more! (for the record, I turned out strictly hetero and am still alive as I enter this). You will not believe It's Hard to Believe It Razor and Tie RE 2080-2. Also, almost all of Joe's entire ouevre is being reissued in a 10 volume series on the Triumph label. For a truly bizarre listening experience, hear Joe himself compose on on Joe Meek - Work in Progress, RPM 121. For the best of his best, try the Tornados, the EP Collection ,See for Miles SEECD445. For more on the Meekster and many other bands, check out


Hi Tom

Just visited the Web Site.  Good work. I enjoyed the reading and the
pictures.  Brought back a few memories.  I see Clem's hair has gone the same
way as mine.  Please say Hello to him for me.

Cheers    Vic

I didn't work for Joe Meek, but his back up singers [The cameos] were
friends of mine  Ted/ Babs  & Guy Fletcher.  Guy & I went on to form another
band called The Cameos.

Joe Meek equipment is now produced by Ted Fletcher !!

I worked a zillion sessions in the UK and all over Europe... Check out early
Donna Summers... i was the idiot who invented the disco bass line.

Vic will be in UK end of this week...




Nov 16th  200:

Hi Tom  Hope  you  are keeping well,nice  to hear  from you it's  been  ages-How  can  you  get hold  of  a mint  Copy  After  35  years is  beyomd  me-I only have a  ropey old copy ( alluding to Where I'm Bound)- myself  that jumps all over  the place.The B: side was  an original song of  mine and wasn't particulary influenced  by anything else, but the 3/4  tempo and Clem On Drums  and me on Rhythm guitar would obviously give it some familiar feel-On Lead Guitar I think It Was  Pete  Wilsher and  I can't remember  the bass  player-I was  on vocal backing  with John Carter  & Ken Lewis as  far as  I recall and the arrangements  were done by Dave Gold who I worked  with at the time at KPM  Music In Denmark Street.It was  recorded  at the  Marquee  Studios in Wardour  Street one  of  the in places  at the time- Hope this is what  you  wanted and now  you have my email address so its  much easier to keep in touch-By The  way  I'm Playing in a  Band Called  Rough Terrain  which is pure 50/60's  R&R  and  for more info look at our  websute best wishes  George

NOV  22nd 200

HI Tom  Where I'm Bound  was written by the great Folk/Singer  songwriter  Tom Paxton- but  EMI printed  his name wrong on the label called him Pax Thompson-  what an insult  but  I could  not get it altered as  the records  were pressed I have never  heard  of  Party Spirit  but  Cyclone  sounds  familiar and  I wouldn't  mind  copies  please if  that's okay-  Norman Hale was  our  first keyboard  Player as  BIlly Fury  insisted on us getting one before  he took us on as a  Band his band-  As I recall  Norman did one nationwide  tour with us  backing  Billy  but after that Joe edged  him out because  he was  "leading Heinz  Astray"  Hope this is the information you wanted see ya  George

NOV 29th 2000

Hi Tom-Thanks  for the CD Parcels-Some  of the tracks sound  familiar but they must  be very early rehearsal tapes in the studio no wonder  they were never  used..On the other  CD of all different  cover  versions  Of  telstar  I think  most of them are dreadful what more  can I say- I played in The  resident band at the Astor  Club ( which was  actually in Berkley Square not  Wardour  Street)-from 1966-1969- and was doing  sessions during the Day-I dont actually remember the Guys  from the  Moontrekkers but it  was possible because playing there 6  nights  a week  for three  Years I met loads  of people-The  Krays used  the Club alot I was  playing there the night they had a  big  party in the Club and by the next Morning they had  all been lifted  by The  Police- Regarding Norman Hale I Said  what I thought but  maybe  Clem has a better  memory than me-  Why  not ask Roger as  he will know when he joined  the Band  and took over  from Norman That may answer  the  question??? se  Ya George


 Hi Tom Hope  you're keeping  well  and that  you had a  nice  Christmas and  New  Year- I can't remember if  I told  you that the band I play in is  Called  Rough terrain- and we  now have our  own website and if  you want to have a look go to--http:/ As a matter  of Interest to Tornados  Fans would it be possible to have a link to our  site  fron The Tornados site which it seems you are running?? Please  let me know

( George has now left "Rough terrain and Lives  in Spain) Nor  does  the link work

May 30th 2001

Hi Tom  yes  I did write  "Workout" that Alan recorded I was  also on the session.I was  also on Pandoras  Box/gemini but  I cannot  remember the details--of  why it was  not released see ya George

Heres  an interesting  piece  form the  NME  early  1960  replacement  for  Heinz  on Bass  Ray  Martin supposedly  Tab Martin  real  name  as  stated  is the  Tabs  Real Name  or  what ..if  not  who was  this guy..


Hello Tom, I've just spent a great sad/happy hour on your site, and just wanted to thank you for it. I was piano player with the Jaywalkers in the 60's, and knew all the guys well at that time - and today it is that both groups have lost half of our original members. In 1962 we had a little bet with the Tornados on who would be first to top the charts!!!!! and it was so ironic the way it turned out with the amazing success of Telstar, and our little piddling Can Can 62 (somewhere in the bottom of the top 20) - so we definately lost that one!!! When I left the Jays in 1966, Alan Caddy unwittingly got me a job at Polydor Records, and I became assistant to the head of A & R, Chris Parmenter for a few years. While I was in Polydor I used Clem on every session I could - and remember even delaying some to suit Clem's diary. If I can ever get round to organising a website for the Jays, I'd like to make a prominant link to your site, just to show how close the two bands were in time and friendship. Thanks once again Tom Lloyd Baker (now known as Fred Lloyd - original nom de plume)


Black Market Audio
The Challengers
The Champs
Les Compagnons de la Chanson ("Telstar - Une étoile en plein jour", French vocal version)[10]
Alberto Cortez (Spanish vocal version, titled "Magica Estrella")
The Eagles (1960s)
Duke Ellington
Camillo Felgen (German vocal version, titled "Telstar (Irgendwann Erwacht Ein Neuer Tag)")
Les Fingers
Les Fradkin (2008)
The Gaylads (vocal version called "Red rose", includes the Studio One band doing an organ version)
Joe Goldmark
Kenny Hollywood (vocal version, titled "Magic Star", 1962)
Hot Butter
The Ashley Hutchings Big Beat Combo (1994)[11]
Ricky King
Laika and the Cosmonauts
James Last (1966)
The Latin Quartet (Spanish vocal version, titled "Magica Estrella")
The Lively Ones
Stephan Mathieu
Takako Minekawa (1998)
Jackie Mittoo
Monsters From Mars
Ronnie Montrose
Los Mustang (Spain, 1960s)
Not Breathing (2000)
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) (1979)[12]
Portsmouth Sinfonia
The Rapiers (2001)
The Residents (1974)
The Rockin' Rebels
The Roosters (1981)
The Routers
The Shadows (1981)
Margie Singleton (vocal version, titled "Magic Star (Tel-Star)", 1963)
The Spotnicks
Los Straitjackets
The Supertones
Susan and the Surftones (1996)
The Television Personalities (1993)
The Ukrainians
The Ultras
Caterina Valente
Billy Vaughn ("1962's Greatest Hits," first track)
Velvett Fogg ("Telstar 69", 1969)
The Ventures
Wolfman Jack
Sam Wright Group (Big/C-17) 



TORNADOS  STAGGEREDtornados  article  in  NME

version  of  Telstar 

above  is  a  new  version  of Telstar  orchestrated would  love  to  find  this anyone  got  it

Tornados  relaxing  with  billy  fury

Tornados  receiving  cashbox  award  for  Telstar  No.1 in  U.S.A

article  that  puts  to bed  tab was  ever in the  tornados