LYN ALICE -1954-2001


No one will ever forget LYN the ultimate performer who sang and played from the heart. A beautiful Human Being as well. Lyn could sing any type of Song. She played in Jazz Trio's all the standards, Big Bands ,Rock, Punk, Reggae. Lyn made many records and I will be adding her full Discography soon  Also more photo's with permission of her Family.

Listen to Lyn's composition "Silverbird" a great Instrumental on the CD The Tornados Now. This tune  explains exactly how Lyn was a beautiful soul. I have spent many hours talking with her about life, Music and  everything. A more in depth article will follow. This page is now a memoriam to lyn and I would welcome your thoughts on her. I will add these to the page and namecheck you. I know Clem misses her very much.Its  impossible  to  believe  it  is now  6  Years  Since  Lyn  passed  away so  tragic  in one  so Young  and  Beautiful  and  Gifted-  I always think  of lyn  as  she  was  a  good friend  to  me......



Thanks for being a perfect friend
You were a friend in so many ways
Not just the moments when i was down
You made my Smile appear
with something that you might say
Not just the way we talked
About things so freely
Which showed how close we were
and that our friendship was so strong
No matter how near, or far apart we were
But knowing you were there if I needed you
Willing to help if there was a problem
Made Every Day Brighter
Made Every Day Clearer
I'd like to say thanks for being a

photo  taken  by me  Notice  Clems  Grimace  at  me