Clem's discography as far as we know begins in 1957

this  list  researched  and compiled by "Tom Hammond"  no copying without permission


Soundtrack for Film "The Golden Disc"
Clinton Ford Country Antiques Marble Arch MLS 1440 1971
Design. Tomorrow Is So Far Away.Epic 64653 1974
Clodagh Rodgers Same RCA Camden CDS 1094 1971
Tornados. Away From It All. Decca LK 4552 1963
Brian Auger. London .1964 Charly CR3000019 1977
Mike Batt. Schizophrenia. Epic EPC 82001 1977
Mike Batt. Tarot Suite. Epic EPC 86099 1979
Beggars Opera. Beggars Cant Be Choosers.. Jupiter 27702 1979
Mike Berry. Rocks In My Head .Polydor 2383392 1976/USA Sire 7524
True North.High Winds White City. TN3 Canada only1971/USA WTN3 1986
Bob Downes. Electric City. Vertigo 6360005 1970
Ellis .Why Not. Epic EPC 65650 1973
Phil Everly. Mystic Line. Pye NSPL 18473 1975/USA PYE 12121 1975
Edwards Hand.Stranded RCA. SF8154 1971/USA RCA 4452 1970
Claire Hammill. Stage Door. Johnnies Konk 101 1974
Justin Hayward . Songwriter. Deram SDL 15 1977/USA DES 18073 77
Reissued in 1980 Decca TXS 138
Hungry Wolf. Same .Philips 6308009 1970
Mike Hurst In My Time Decca 1971
Jan & Lorraine .Gypsy .People ABC691 USA only release
Dave Kelly . Same .Mercury 6310001 1971
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates . Best Of:EMI NUT 12 1978
Johnny Kidd Rarities . See For Miles CM120 1983
Johnny Kidd & The Pirates .The Best Of:EMI EMS 1120 1986
Hank Marvin Guitar. Syndicate . EMI EMC 3215 1977
Various Artists . No Introduction Necessary Spark SRLM 107 1968
reissued 1984 Thunderbolt THBL 007
Anna Oxa Anna Oxa RCA PL3444 1979
P.J.Proby. Phenomenon Liberty LBL 83045 1967/USA LST 7515 67
Lou Reed Same RCA SF8281 1972/USA RCA LSP 4701
Lou Reed RCA 43214 1981
Rumplestiltskin Same Bell 6047 USA only release
Slapp Happy Same Virgin V2014 1974
Snips La Rocca EMI EMC 3359 1981
Sounds Nice Love At First Sight Parlophone PCS 7089 1969
Chris Spedding Hurt RAK SRAK 529 1977
Tennent Morrison Same, Polydor 238152 1978
Mathew Ellis Am I Regal Zonophone RZ 3013 1968
Malcolm & Alwyn Fools Wisdom Pye NSPL 184041973
Yellow Stone & Voice Same Regal Zonophone SRZA 85111972
Aesop In Fable land Arista 4 2 1979 produced by Stuart Taylor
Bee Gees To Whom It May Concern Polydor 2383 139 1972
Various Artists Country Super session Magnum Music SDLP 059 1985
Mike Batt Portrait Of The Rolling Stones Silverline
Amazing Blondel England Island ILPS 9205 1972
Hollies Evolution Parlophone PMC/PCS 7022 1967
Mike Batt Portrait Of Elton John Silverline DJSL016
Kinks Kinks Kontroversy Pye NPL 18131 1966
Chris White Mouth Music Charisma CAS1118 1976
Velvet Glove Sweet Was My Rose Fresh Air 6370502 1974
Cliff Richard I'm Nearly Famous EMI EMC 3122 1976
also on Rocket 3004 1976/USA Rocket PIG 2210 1976
Cliff Bennett CD details not known 1997
One Of Our Shadows Is Missing...
Roy Harper. Folkjokeopus.Liberty LBS 83231 1969
Rocky Horror Show CD Lava Records LV 62814 1997
Ralph McTell Streets Of London CD Leola TPG CD12 1995
(Clem plays on The Bonus Track "The Boxer"
Duncan Lamont & His Orchestra This Guy Morgan MRSAM 2 1968
Ugly Custard Same. Kaleidoscope.KAL 100 1971
The Four Instants Discotheque Society 1966:
Dave Adams LP.Unreleased. with Ritchie Blackmore.Chas Hodges.
(Dave Adams Clem Drums. Known as the Dirty Album Joe Meek Production)
Barbara Pennington. Midnight Ride LP United Artists 66115 CD Hot 66115 1994
Evelyn Thomas I Wanna Make It My Own.LP Casablanca 7107 1991
Segal Marian Fly On Strange Wings DJM 9100 1999
Joe Cocker Anthology. Interscope 490390
Eric Clapton Cleopatra 249 1998 (CD)
London Symphonic Orch. Telarc 80478 1998
Marvin Welch & Farrar Plus See For Miles 324 1991
James Wells .My Claim To Fame Hot Productions. 6642 1994
Big Beat Combo Twangin & A Traddin Wildcat (CD) 9218 1995
The Chiswick Story Chiswick 100 19992 (CD)
Lou Reed Between Thoughts & Expressions Anthology RCA 62356 1999
Philwit & Pegasus Same Chapter One CHSR 805 1970
Barry Ryan & The Majority.Sings Paul Ryan MGM 81106 1969
Barry Ryan & The Majority. Barry Ryan Polydor 583067 11969
Paul & Barry Ryan.The Ryans-Two Of A Kind Decca LK 4878 1967
Paul & Barry Ryan. MGM-C(S) 8081 1968
Ashley Tyrone. Looks Like Love Is Here Too Stay. Hot Productions. 1995
London Moods Orchestra. Thames. Polydor 583064 1969
The Shock Absorbers. (with Richie Tattersall)
{Guitar Party Major Minor SMCP 5028 1969}
Typically Tropical. Barbados Sky .Gull gulp 1014 .1975
Ivor Raymonde Orchestra. Rock'n'Roll Tangos Decca LK 4947 1969
Mellow Fruitfulness. Whiter Shade Of Pale.Columbia SCX 6164-1968
Ivor Raymonde Singers Etcetera Decca 1968
CD: Panpipe Moods.QED097 made in ECC
Biddu Orchestra Blue Eyed Soul 1995
Kinks. Come Dancing  1986
Doris Jones Best Of No Way Out 1995
Demis Roussos Happy To Be 1975
Triban  Rainmaker  Cambrian  MCT 218  1972
John  Schroeder Orchestra  Witchi Tai Too  LP NSPL 18362  1972
CD Of Above On Victor VICP 61440  Japan 2001
Marc Bolan  Beginning Of Doves  Receiver RRCD 152  1974                        
Baker Street Philharmonic  By The Light Of The Silvery Moon  Pye NPsl 28131  1970
Baker Street Philharmonic  Je.T'aime Mois Non Plus
Baker Street Philharmonic  Yesterdays Dreams  Pye PK1 4401 1973
Roger Coulam Quartet  Blow Hot Blow Cold  Fontana 16009  1970
Play  School  "HELLO" Songs From BBC TV's Playschool, and Playaway  BBC Records REC 425
(also Cassette  ZCM 425)
Lynda  Carter  Wonderland  Eoic  Records  1978


Love Affair Everlasting Love CBS 3125 1969 + B: side Rainbow Valley CBS 3366 1968 Lulu Shout Decca F11884 1964 Kinks You Really Got Me Pye 7N15673 1964 Johnny Kidd & The Pirates. Shakin' All Over. HMV POP 753 1959 Clem Cattini Ork No Time To Think/Impact Decca F12135 1965 Aquarian Age 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box Parlophone R5700 1968 Cliff Richard Devil Woman/Love On EMI 2458 1976 Ivy League all Pye and Piccadilly singles EPs & LP's with Division Two Sounds Nice Love At First Sight/ Love Too You Parlophone R 5797 1969 Chris Spedding Motorbikin/Working For The Union RAK 210 1975 Robb Shenton Lonely Joe Sterling STG1 1980 Clem Prod this 45 One& One I'll Give You Lovin' Decca F11948 1964 Perfect People Pollyanna MCA mcu 1079 1969 Birds Granny Take A Trip Matrix No 661200A Birds Boxed Set Donovan Hurdy Gurdy Man Pye 7N 17537 1968 Gemini Spacewalk Columbia DB 7638 1965 Not confirmed Original Tornados Telstar/Red Rocket SRT 1974 (less Alan Caddy) David Bendeth Breakdown Sidewalk SID 113 1979(Alan Caddy Prod) The Flirtations Nothing But A Heartache Deram DM 216 1969 Renee & Renato Save Your Love Hollywood HWD003 1982..No.1 Gene Pitney Somethings Gotten Hold Of My Heart Stateside SS 2060 1967 Edison Lighthouse Love Grows Bell 1091 1970 No.1 Edison Lighthouse It's Up To You/ Petula Bell 1136 1971 Jeff Beck.Hi Ho Silver Lining.Columbia DB8151 1967 (Above reissued on RAK RR 3 1972/1982) Bay City Rollers Bye Bye Baby Bell 1409 1975
Bay City Roller's Give A Little Love Bell 1525 1975
Clem Played on all Bay City Rollers releases. Maybe
Harmony Grass Most of their Records  RCA
Mike Batt & Friends Run Like The Wind Epic EPC 7725 1979
Joe Cocker.Majorine/New Age Of The Lily. Regal Zonophone RZ 3006 1968
Cupid's Inspiration Yesterday Has Gone/Dreams.NEMS 563500 1968
Absolute Zero 12"Telstar(Disco Version) Wireless Mix/Dub/Telstar SRT Release/4Q Zero 001 1993
Tony Burrows. Still Got My Heart Joe.Bell BLL1124 1970
Tony Burrows Every Little Move She Makes Bell BLL1124 1970
Mike Batt. All The Way Down.DJM246 1971
The Merseys. Sorrow.Fontana TF 694 28 April 1966
Barry Ryan. Goodbye MGM 1423 1968
Barry Ryan. Eloise MGM 1442 1968 (No.2)
Barry Ryan .Love Is Love. MGM 1464 1969
Barry Ryan. Hunt .Polydor 56348 1969
Barry Ryan. Magical Spiel. Polydor 56370.1970
Barry Ryan. Kitsch Polydor. 2001035 1970
Barry Ryan.It Is Written Polydor 2001 154 1971
Barry Ryan. Cant Let You Go. Polydor 2001256 1972
Barry Ryan. From My Head To My Toes Polydor 2001335
Paul & Barry Ryan.Don't Bring Me Your Heartaches Decca F12260. 1965
Have Pity On The Boy F12319 .1966
I Love Her.F12391. 1966
I Love How You Love Me.F12445 1966
Have You Ever Loved Somebody.F12494 1966
Missy Missy.F12520 1966
Keep It Out Of Sight.F12567.1967
Claire.F12633 1967
Heartbreaker MGM 1354 1967
Pictures Of Today MGM 1385 1968
Denis Lotis.One Man's Life.Polydor 56266 1968
Page Ten. Boutique .Decca F12248 1965
The Fantastics. Something Old,Something New Bell BLL 1141 1971
Bo-Belles. Working For The Law. Bell Bell 1474 1976
Stuart James. Beth Philips. 6006 611 1978
Chris Spedding. Videolife/Frontal Labotomy .RAK 290 1979
Brooks. What A Great Night/Now Or Never Polydor POSP 88 1979
Yardbirds:Goodnight Josephine /Think About It Columbia DB8368(Unreleased)
Clem also Played on 10 Little Indians
Friendly Persuasion.Baby Be Good/Make Me A Wish Amanda.MCAMK5039:1970
Wheeler. St.James. Touch The Wind/Listen To Me.Fontana 6007033 1974
Clodagh Rodgers-Room Full Of Roses.RCA Victor 1684 1968
Ellis. El Doomo/Your Game Epic sepc 1052 1974
Lancastrians.Lonely Room/I Can't Stand The Pain Pye. 7N 15927 1965
Mikki Anthony.Sally Sunshine/Its Good To See You Columbia DB8759-1971
The Young Brothers.Mirror Mirror.MCA MU 1042 1968
Linda Fletcher.Angel Of Love/Star.Rocket.ROKN 537-1978
Lance Wynsor.Our Day Will Come/Its All In The Game Decca 1974 F13565
Alan Philips.Like In A Movie/Honey Do.RCA Victor RCA 2308 1973
Moonshine. Just A Little More Line/ I am The Tail.RCA Victor RCA 1954 1970
Jimmy Wilson & The Pets. Edelweiss/Where We Belong Deca F12564 1967
Andy Forray. Epitaph To You/Dream With Me. Decca F12733 1968
Bill Nile. Pashionella /Bric A Brac Man Decca F12661 1967
Biddu Orchestra. Exodus/Rainforest Epic S epc 4084 1976
Sailmakers. For As Long As I Have You/Bye Bye Fraulein. EMI 2725 1978
Marty Wilde. Ever Since You Said Goodbye.Philips 326546 BF 1962
Howard Carpendale -Your Breaking My Heart Buk Records BU 3008 1975
Steve Nardel-I'll Never Find Another You-Decca FR 13785 1978
Streetsahead-No Other Love-Decca F13781 1978
Manchester Mob. Bony Maloney/Afro Asian Parlophone R5552 1967
High Society. People Passing/Star Of Eastern St. Fontana TF771 1966
Rolling Stones Heart Of Stone (1 Track) Metamorphosis Decca SKL 5  
 Pete Shelley Gee Baby Magnet MAG 12 1974
Pete Shelley Love Me Love My Dog Magnet MAG 22 1975
Kenny  The Bump/Fancy Pants/Baby I Love You Julie Ann
 all RAK 1974.75.75.75
Probably all Dusty Springfield 45's and Albums except USA
Grisby Dyke.  The Adventures Of La Page. Deram DM 232 1969
Ginette Reno  Everything That I Am  Decca F22972 1969
City Of Westminster Band  Le Blon   Pye 7N17802 1969
City Of Westminster Band. A Touch Of Velvet Sting Of Brass Acetate Pye 1970
Roger James Cook  Not That It Matters Anymorev  Columbia DB8510 1968
Spaghetti Head Big Noise From Winnetka/Spunky Axe.  RCA 2513- 1975
The Family Dogg. Let It Rain/Brown Eyed Girl (not Van Morrison Song) Fontana TF 968  1968
Mark Peters  The Sad Years/Feet  Decca F 13558  1974
Mark Peters, The Sad Year's/Feet   Decca F 13558  1974
Quiller/General  Direction   BBC Records  resl 25  1975(Funky Tune)




Recorded Regent Sound, Denmark Street, London.

Mommy Out De Light / Naughty But Nice / Follow Me

Forbidden Fruit* / Night Food* / The Anvil At Gretna Green


Mike  Batt-Summertime City Children Of The Storm-Epic S epc 3460  1975
The Biddu  Orchestra-Northern Dancer/Summer Of 42-Epic s epc 3318  1975
Steve  Holloway-  Goodbye  Mr.Blue-  EMI emi 2928   1979
The Roaring Sixties We Love The Pirates Marmalade 598001 1966




John Leyton     Lone Rider/Heart Of Stone HMV POP 992 1962
Lonely Johnny/Keep On Loving You HMV POP 1076 1962
Son This Is She/Six White Horses HMV POP 956 1961
Lonely City/It Would Be Easy HMV POP 1014 1961
Wild Wind/You Took My Love For Granted Top Rank Jar 1961
Don Charles Walk with Me My Angel Decca F11424 1962
Its My Way Of Loving You Decca F 11528 1962
Tony Holland Sidewalk HMV POP 1135 1963
Tony Victor /Time Goes By Decca F 11459 1962( B: side only Aristokrats did A: side)
Ray Dexter The Coalman's Lament Decca F11538 1962
Michael Cox Young Only Once HMV POP 972 1961
Julian X. Can't Wait Pye 7N 15236 1961
Mark Douglas.  It Matter Not/Upside Down Ember embs 166  1962
Andy Cavell.    Hey There Cruel Heart/  HMV Pop 1024   1962
(Alan Caddy was the musical arranger for this record)


TORNADOS   45'S      all Decca Pressings

Love & Fury .Popeye Twist  F 11449 1962
Telstar /Jungle Fever F 11494
Globetrotter/Locomotion with Me (You) FF11562 1963
Robot/Life On Venus F 11606 1963
The Ice Cream Man/Scales Of Justice F 11662 1963
Dragonfly/Hymn For Teenagers Decca F11745 1963
Hot Pot/Joystick F11838 1964
Monte Carlo .Blue Blue Beat F 11889 1964
Exodus/ Blackpool Rock F 11889 1964


Away From It All  LK 4552  1963
Telstar USA only release LL3279 1963 (there were 2 issues of this album different cat numbers)
Remembering The Tornados REM 4 1976
The World Of The Tornados SPA 253 1971


The Sounds Of Tornados DFE 8510  1962
Telstar DFE 8511 1963
More Sounds Of The Tornados DFE8521 1963
Tornado Rock DFE 8533 1963 Vocal Tracks Clem sings Long Tall Sally
Granada/Ragunboneman DB 7455 1965 (Clem departed after this record)



Telstar EP  Mooncrest Records CDMOON 1012 1993
Telstar "Hits Of The Sixties" Music Club MCCD 161 1994
(The first pressing was withdrawn because of wrong photo) Dawn Patrol MEL Records EP CD AMELCD94001 1995(Not Joe Meek) Rock In The Box Series 1 RIB CD 001 Rock In The Box Series 4 RIB CD 004 (The above two CD's are bootlegs)
French EP Collection Telstar Clem-music WM332 1996
The Very Best Of The Tornados Music Club 50029 USA Import
The Tornados Blown Away 21 unreleased Fan Club pressing (none sold) Away From It All Castle Communications CLC 5135-2 1994 Telstar Castle Pie 1999 EP Collection See For Miles SEECD 445 1996 (This CD was released with wrong track listing as well) Masters Collection Castle CMC 3091-2 1994 Complete Tornados Double Album Repetoire REP 4708-WR The Tornados Rarities released Europe only hard to track down CD 001 Girls. Girls. Girls. Cappucino Classics. Temple TMPCD 609 1995 (Includes Globetrotter and a little write up)
Satellites & Sounds: With Nice Booklet Decca& Columbia A: Sides 2000
Tornados Archives Rialto Records:
Ridin'The Wind  Double  CD  full discography and  9 unreleased sanctuary  records
CD Tornados Now Clem 345  Private Pressing
 Dance With The Tornados  Cassette
 (Above includes version of Ice Cream Man Robot Telstar re-recorded)
 The Tornados cassette
 Tornados Now EP INC version of Ice Cream Man re-recorded plus three others.
Tornados  Tornados In Space  Private press  22 tracks see opening page
clem cattini

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