Alan Caddy Lead Guitarist of The Tornados has died.I know very little of the circumstancesAlan was one of the Tornados I had very little to do with. He was very difficult to track down... The site and members send their deepest condolences to his Family. Alan of course was better known initially for his role as Lead Guitarist with Johnny Kidd and The Pirates.Alan could play the Violin and Piano.He was also a Musical Arranger.. He also produced many records for groups up until the late 1980's Alan will be remembered for his great Guitar solo on "Telstar".He also sessioned for many Joe Meek tracks Arranging the Andy Cavell 45 "Hey There Cruel Heart." on HMV. He was less Famous for the Avenue Record Label which produced covers of The hits of the Day.Elton John was one of his many session singers. Many 45's and LP's were issued .Look Out for the Harry Pitch Avenue 45's as Alan actually wrote some of the tunes..

Alan Caddy, (1940 - 2000) the lead guitar of the Tornados, attended Emanuel between 1951 and 1956. Whilst at school he was a soprano in the choir and leader of the orchestra, as well as a classically trained violinist.


Producing Records:

Alan started Avenue and made some good Records.Elton John actually sang on some. One of his Produced Albums. By The Collection."Satisfaction" A Rolling Stone tribute Album and it is very good. Excellent Musicians.It is as good as The Pupils Tribute to the Stones and perhaps better// He also did some EP's of the the LP in 3 Volumes, and did a Beatlemania Tribute EP.Whilst most of the Avenue material is crap.There are some damn good records also,and some originals worth getting hold of. Alan also Produced a Band called "Teenage Head" on A&M he was very involved in this type of Music.He will be sadly missed.Watch out for more details on Alan & George Bellamy and Roger Laverne soon to be added to the site:when I have the time!!!! Other Alan Caddy Productions so far found. Please email with others.



Michael (James) Twilight Time Power Exchange 1970's

Will The Real Man Please Stand Up.Billy Fury-Fury Records:

So What(No To Co) Flowers/Tell Me Now.CBS 5005.1970

David Bendeth.Breakdown/Feel The Real  Sidewalk Records SID 113 1979

Weavers Green- Mr. Pseudo Fabulous/Butterfly. Phoenix  NIX-115 1971 in Picture Sleeve

Harry Pitch  Plays  Harmonica Pop  Alan Wrote  2  of  the tracks on this  EP see  below

Alan  also worked with Don Charles  at  "Sound Venture" on HMV writing  and  Playing

Don Charles A  Long Time  Ago-HMV POP 1382 written with Don Charles Tune Same  as  Goodbye  Joe Gemini

Don Charles  Big Talk From  A  Little  Man World  Artists WA  1031 Alan Wrote  B: Side She's  Mne  written with Don USA Issue

Michael  James (michael Cox)Come  A  Little  Closer/living on thr Road  djm  records djs 404

. Alan's solo record  "Workout"


Alan Caddy Biography:

Alan Caddy was Born in Chelsea UK 2nd Feb 1940.His Favourite artist is Ray Charles.Alan studied Violin at the Royal School of Music but considered, like Geoff Goddard. There was more money in Pop Music... Alan also plays Piano. Starting out in life as an Estate Agent. He took to the Guitar very well.Though his shyness held him back.He totally underated himself. Alan was also a C&W fan yuk... I met Alan a couple of times.He was not particularly friendly and, did not refer to Tornados Music with any reverence..That is a shame.His life was beset by Alchoholism, again a shame.Unfortunately he is liable to be remembered for his diabolical solo on the Reformed Tornados Gig at Lewisham in 1980. Why the heck the part was not overdubbed is beyond me. It is amazing the number of people who started or worked with Joe suddenly knew how to do the job better.. Alan of course was founder member of the Pirates probably the greatest R&B Band to come out of the UK.I am earnestly seeking Alan info now so if anyone has a record with Alan Caddy on it please let me know the details


Tornados Recordings  (All Decca Label)

Love & Fury: F11449 1962
Telstar/Jungle Fever F11494 1962
Globetrotter/Locomotion With Me.F11562 1963
Robot.Life On Venus F11606 1963
The Ice Cream Man/Scales Of Justice F11662 1963
Dragonfly/Hymn For Teenagers F11745 1963
Joystick/Hot Pot F11838 1964
The Sounds Of: DFE 8510 1963 chart position No.2
Telstar DFE 8511 1963 Chart Position No.2
More Sounds Of: DFE 8521 1963 Chart Position No 4
Tornado Rock DFE 8533 1963 chart Position No.14
Away From It All LK 4552 (contributed "Alans Tune")
The World Of SPA 253
Remembering REM 4

Solo Recording:
Tornado/Workout HMV 1286
The Gemini.Spacewalk/Goodbye Joe Columbia DB 7638 (Demos may credit "The Original Tornados"????
sadly  Alan is no longer  with us  .He  died  August 16th 2000  will be deeply missed  by all Fans,3604,365825,00.html  for  Alans  Obituary: