Pictures Of Tornados Records:


french 45 release 1962telstar UK releasegreek 45 release title  "rip it up twist"

dutch release 45 of telstar similar to philips label;usa sampler with uk groups on


torbnados now version of telstar 1989 uksolid centre release 45 telstar decca 45belgian release of tornados 74 rerecording iof telstarnz decca 45 issue

german 45 release most of titles were released in same pic cover yukuk telstar ep telstar,popeye twist,love 7 fury,jungle feverbelgian 45 telstarmore sounds ep tracks  ridin the wind,dreamin on a cloud,red rose etc, earthy

italian release of telstaruk release of globetrotter called globetrottin promoitalian jukebox 45 of globetrotter

globetrotter belgian release some played at 33rpm all came in same sleevetornado rock uk ep tracks Reddt teddy ,My Babe Blue Moon of kentucky,long tall sallyaussie ep release tracks Globetrotter,hot pot,jungle fever,telstar1970s issue of telstar telstar was not deleted until 1985

old gold first release telstar & globetrotterbelgian issue of original Tornados rerecording of telstardemo of robot uk 45

belgian release of telstar 70;sold gold release 2nd releasegerman p/s releasethe rarest ep from spain the columbia tracks

German 45 wierd sleeve belgian releasedenmark 45 nice tri centrecanadian release one sided only

spanish ep only 2 tracksjapanese 45 on london labelclems band ep release rinky dink and rerecording of ridin the windone of many london releases this one 70's issue

original london 45 ridin the wind promoanother spanish epreissue of belgian 45 as abovesrt label original tornados from 1974

german ep releasecanadian issue of ridin the windgeorge bellamy solo 45 where I'm bound1970s demo release of telstar has time on label a 2.15

portuguese  ep very raecanadian 45 release of early birdroger laverne solo record on srt

test pressing of unreleased tracksanother 1970's usa telstar 45 releaserare promo for globetrotter with norman hale in pictureuk sounds of the tornados ep

french ep by the tornados  robotjust like eddie reissue decca with diferent cat notornados  early birdtornados  is that a ship i hear

french  epfrench eptornados  granadatornados  is that  a ship i hear

tornados  stingrayalan caddy   workoutroger laveren  christmas stockingstingray   usa tower release

new zealand  issue usa telstar issueitalian release 1960's

french ep tornado rock tracksfrench ep inc  night riderheinz  movin in usa tower promo 45

french  epJapanese reissue of  original Telstar in JapanAcetate Of Telstar Same version as final release




anyone got any pic sleeves 45,s not here and they want to sell them let me know cheers.I have some of these for sale or swap