The  Tornados  Now  as  the later  band were   referred  too  came about   in  1980's Initially there was a  fake  Tornado band operating in the  Midlands  which  supposedly  had  permission from Heinz  to use the name-In fact  Heinz  played  at some of the early gigs  -.Finally this Band Invited  Clem  to  play with them  and  Clem insisted  on Bringing in Dave  Harvey  Bass  and  The  Late Lyn  Alice  Vocals. So It Began.

The  Line Up  was  Davy Graham  Lead  Guitar and  Vocals  ( Davy  Has been in show Business  for  many Years  achieving a No.1  in Holland  with his Band The  Caledonians- Davy Is  one  heck of a  Vocalist-Bip Wetherell was  On Keyboards  not a  great  Keyboard  player  but  Bip  did  achieve  the  Tornado  sound  on Keyboard  and  was  very effective-Dave Harvey on Bass   superlatives  fail me  with  Dave  A Great Musician  and Bass  Player  and   Good  friend-  Obviously  Clem On Drums  and The  Gorgeous  Lyn Alice  On Vocals. The  Lovely Lyn who  sadly died  of  Stomach Cancer  a  beautiful Person I spent  many hours  with Lyn talking  at different gigs  we  went to .Oddly enough  the closest time  we  spent  together  was  just after  Lyn's  Mother  Died  .never  thinking  Lyn would be gone  so soon..

Tornados  Now ... gigged  up  and Down the  Country  for  Many Years  also doing  many package  tours  the Biggest  being  the Telstar  Tour  with Cliff  Bennett & The  Rebel  Rousers. he  Honeycombs - Mike Berry Twinkle  The  Love Affair  Jess  Conrad..

The  Tornados  Made  Two Cassettes  and  One  Compact Disc  which  you  will find  under  Merchandise  I also hope  to have an  in depth  page on Lyn  Alice - Career and Davy Graham  and  also Bip  so that will appear  soon....

The  Line-Up  Has  Changed  over  the Years  obviously with  Lyns  Death   A  new Singer  was  needed  and  Polly Raymond  came in a  fine  Vocalist  and also very nice  person-  Dave Harvey then  Departed  for reasons  known to no one  and in Came  Colin  Farley  ex  Bass  Player  with The  Cutting  Crew  who  had a  Huge  NO.1  with  "Died  In Your  Arms  Tonight"  Finally Bip  Left and since  there  have been  many Keyboard  players  The Best  Is  Chris  Parren  who  played  On George  Michaels   Careless  Whispers-  also A  Great  Guy  -then there was  Kevin Earl  an  fine  Classically  Trained  Keyboard  Player  but never  really cracked  the  Tornados  sound when he joined  he  had  never  even heard a  Tornados track- Brian Miller  then joined  great guy  once  with the  Jazz  Fusion Band  "Isotope"  he  was  great  - Do not  confuse  him  with Colin Green The  Guitarist--